• Fasting days are a good way to cleanse the body, they provide an opportunity to "rest" on a regular basis, and also to lose weight.
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  • For the person planning to lose weight, the world of dieting seems like chaos. In this article - a brief overview of popular diets and what science has to say about them. Diets are described by type, not by name. The names may differ, but can be assigned to any of the groups described below.
    12 July 2021
  • Learn more about fat burners for weight loss for women at home. They are divided into natural, pharmaceutical, sports supplements, with the knowledge of which you can choose the right option.
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  • A low carb diet is a special diet that involves only eating low carb foods.
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  • Developers of a carb-free diet talk about effective fat loss while avoiding carbs. They claim it can be adapted to any person, regardless of age, gender and health status. But let’s see if that’s really the case, what are the pros and cons of diet.
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  • Smoothies differ in their functions. For example, awakening. Carbohydrate products, most often made from bananas. This drink is best taken in the morning before training. In addition to bananas, you can add yogurt, flaxseed, cottage cheese, and steamed oatmeal to the blender.
    11 June 2021
  • Motivation for successful weight loss: basic techniques, advice and recommendations from psychologists every day.
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  • There are several variations of the egg diet. In each, eggs are the main source of protein. Starchy carbohydrates such as potatoes, rice and bread are not allowed. Types of eggs in the diet.
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  • Ducan’s diet: a sample menu for each day on the table. Phases (attack, cruise, capture, addiction), duration and product list. How much to lose weight. Positive and negative opinions, contraindications and possible harm caused by diet. Ducan diet tips for weight loss
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