Experience of use Bentolit

The experience of using Bentolite drinks by Jim from the UK

experience using Bentolit by Jim from the UKHello, I would like to discuss my struggle against overweight, and how Bentolit helped me in my struggle.

Since childhood, I have had obesity. Because of this, I was teased at school, there was a problem in the relationship with the girls. I tried to go on a diet and exercise, but I was absent for a long time. After a few weeks of suffering I was devastated, stopped running, started overeating, and lost with these kilograms returned with difficulty.

I have solved this problem, but due to obesity I started having serious health problems. Gastritis begins to develop, and the knee begins to ache. I decided to take care of my health, but I already knew that my strict diet I could not stand, so I began to look for alternative solutions. And a friend of mine advised me an instant slimming drink with bentoniteBentolit clay. He himself lost weight with his help, and he still has good effects. The effect is that bentonite clay powder is negatively charged when it enters the water and then binds to toxins and sludge. Because of this, the body is cleansed.

I bought the medicine on the official website, with home delivery. Shipped quickly, the powder itself is packaged in a plastic box.

How to use:

I mix a tablespoon of powder into a glass of water. You need to stir with a plastic or wooden spoon, as bentonite loses its negative charge. The taste of the drink is special, but not so unpleasant. I drank the drink for about a month, rested for a week and ordered more.

As a result, the effect of the drink

Within a month of taking 8 pounds, the joints stopped hurting, and most importantly - gastritis did not bother me anymore! In addition, the skin looks clearer and brighter, acne stops appearing.

I can recommend Bentolit to everyone who is overweight and not just because there are a lot of impurities in our food that have a negative impact on health. And the drink cleanses the intestines perfectly and the whole gastrointestinal system, the body becomes lighter, strength and energy become more.

Experience with Natalie's Bentolit from Paris

experience using Bentolit Natalie from Paris

About Bentolite

I will start with the main thing: I use drinks to lose weight. I was never a slender girl, but I just recovered stronger. The diet never worked for me, so I decided to do some extra ingredients.

But after trying many pills, I did not get any effect. And in the forum women I was advised Bentolite. On it many people lose weight and clean up.

In 2 months I managed to lose 15 kg. Now I regularly drink Bentolite by a tablespoon a day. Weight does not return, and digestion gets better. And in general, my health improved, I felt 5 years younger.

After six months of use, I can only say one thing: Bentolite is a great way to lose extra weight, and besides, and improve the body!